Saturday, July 2, 2011

Before And After

This is the before. It's supposed to be a walk in closet not a walk in disaster. It wasn't designed properly so it couldn't be used properly. If you were to hang clothes where you see the dress with the brown squares on it, you would not be able to open or close the closet door because the hangers would stick out too far. To fix this space, I found a book shelf at IKEA that fit exactly where you couldn't put hangers. This holds my purses, shoes and accessories.
The green dish was found at a garage sale, the 3 tier glass dish is from IKEA.
This little space was going to have a small bar for hanging clothes but I didn't realize how small it was so these hooks, surprise, surprise, also from IKEA went here for my necklaces.

Added a hook here to hang up clothes to be ready for the next day to make the morning go smoother.
The bottom shelf has enough height for boots and large beach totes.
Since the bookshelf was so high, the top shelf that runs around 2 of the walls went up higher which makes room for 2 tiers of clothes making the space more efficient.

When sorting out your clothes, remember, if it doesn't fit you or make you feel fabulous, then it shouldn't go back in the closet.

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