Saturday, January 16, 2010

Toronto Paper Place Shopping Trip

Yesterday I had the opportunity to go to The Paper Place on Queen St West in Toronto. Had a lovely time and feel so creative and energized now.
The first picture shows a box of paper clips which are shaped like a bird. The second shows the clip on paper. Isn't it gorgeous?! There are other animals too like squirrels, whales, dogs, rabbits, penguin, elephant, horse, alligator, cow, pig, turtle, duck, cat and dolphin. They come in a box of 30 for about $9.95 or you can by them individually for $0.50 each, which is great if you want one of each for a paper clip menagerie.
The 3rd shot is of a sheet of paper which has paper birds sewn on. There is a similar paper with butterflies. I wish I got both.
I also got a kit to make glass and paper pendants to hang on necklaces. The kit has enough to make 5. I'll post later when the are created.

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