Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Time To Start Organizing

What Happened?! Was I ransacked and robbed? No. That would be less humiliating. This is the big sty I create in. Ok, it's just a pig sty now because I can't do anything in here and haven't for at least 2 months.
How can I get started to make it right? Apparently the first thing I have to do is show the world which means that now I am accountable to not just myself but to you too.
Here is what else I'll do, (Yes, I'm making it up as I go along but it sounds good in my head right now) I'll post weekly pictures to show the progress.
Don't be afraid but I think it will look worse before it looks better.
I want to work on scrapbooking and I also want to work on cards. Checkout the surface area my "desk". Did you notice? That's right not one inch of clear space.
I'll attempt to clear space on the table and create ONE project to show. I'll go for a page of scrapbooking.
I better get started. See you next week.


  1. LOL's really not that bad! I've seen worse in my own space. Good luck organizing!

  2. Nice space Teresa, I'll try and post some pics of mine as soon as Hubby gets my blog up and running, he's working on it now so it may be some time soon.